Fatal Years AAR with Southern Whites

Posted: July 16, 2011 in AAR, Rus Mod

First turns may be ssen here:


Early November 18


I’ve at last destroyed or wounded Red stacks around Ekaterinodar. But Kamenev is back in the North, and the Red Taman units have retreated unnoticed by me to Piatigorsk, whose small garrison is now under siege.

I build yet more units this turn.

Volga front: if frontlines seem to have remained untouched, Siberian Whites have informed me to have suffered a large defeat this turn. The Red AI has certainly shffled some of its forces against Siberian, after having reduced White pockets in Central Russia. Miller’s army has advanced a bit from Murmansk ( Miller belongs in FY to the Siberian faction.


With the German withdrawal at its beginning, appear my first White forces in the North, the 2 divisions organized by Germany before november 18. They have appeared in Pskov ( it could have been in Balt areas, for now, unplayable until war against Balts is declared by Reds, or allinace with Southern Whites. The future Yudenich army belongs to the Southern Whites faction in FY.

I’ve taken a look at the AI save game and here’s a screenshot of the poweful Red Counterstrike this turn against Siberian (click on the image to enlarge)


Next turn:




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