New version of Fatal Years uploaded

Posted: July 5, 2011 in Rus Mod

This version should be compatible with the 1.02b patch and is available from the box to your right.


Disclaimer: this is a Release Candidate version. So:


1) There could be install problems as I’ve no time to test with a 1.02b version not upgraded to 3.0. Generally, this install troubles is due to mdl or units id overlapping, so it’s easily fixed.

2) I’ve only run short prelimary tests with Reds and Southern Whites. Siberian White AI is working but I can’t say if options for example aere bug free. I haven’t stressed all Red and Southern White options.

3) Some minor works for AI in Turkestan and a painful to implement but worth new AI event feature aren’t done….

4) Of course, balance between factions is mostly terra incognita with this new version.

At least, I will have warned you And I will be sorry if ever troubles arise. I could even say it openly

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