PON one month turn…I’m happy with

Posted: June 21, 2011 in Uncategorized

From the test I’ve made, Changing turns to one month divides effectively time needed to play by 2. Data may be adapted to the new turn length in every aspect: economics, military, diplomacy, colonization, technology. I begin to suspect PON has been designed with one month turn as a plan B if needed, as the changes are most often very easy.

In the current version of the mod, not all the data has been updated. First because some changes are long to implement. Then PON current state shows evidently game balance hasn’t been tested, and data will have to be overhauled to slow economic affairs, stop endless wars, etc. So  I prefer to wait for something more definitive before doing this work.

However, in any case thanks to this mod I plan first to really play PON ( because 15 days turns force you either to need around one year to play a GC or to relinquish any other gaming activity).

Then, fewer turns will give me a possibility to add AI events:  10 more seconds for turn resolution isn’t as bad with 840 turns than 1,680.  In the same time, PON devs will certainly optimize turn resolution and these 10 more seconds will be compensated by a faster turn resolution ( IMHO, AGEOD could reduce turn resolution by 20 seconds, maybe 30 in the next months.

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