New Fatal Years update

Posted: February 1, 2011 in Rus Mod

Beware: the first file I’ve posted missed a file. Please download again

02/02/2011: archive updated again ….There are some release less quiet than others…

Yet some bugs fixed and a new rule

16) Finland activation.

Finland case must be distinguished of the other minor States born after the Collapse of Russian Empire.

First for historical reasons: Finland had some autonomy in the Tzarist Empire and was so the region Russians were the less inclined to deny independence.

Then a part of Finnish opinion was in favour of a war against Bolsheviks. Among them was Mannerheim. Some Finnish volunteers fought in the Balt Republics and The Finland intervention in October 19 to help Yudenich’s effort was a close affair, the intervention being dismissed because of the very Kolchak’s reluctance to recognize Finland as Independent State.

Then the gameplay is militing too in favor of a Finland intervention, to the condition this intervention be possible rather than certain. Finland is the BIG What-if of the Russian Civil War and may dramatically change its curse, or at least the Northern Theater interest.

New rule:

Until the end of 1919, Southern Whites gets an option allowing Finland to join the White side without playing the Recognize Independence option.

Whites will lose no NM when playing this option, whose cost is 25 EP and 100 rubles.

But playing this option will provoke war entry of Finland only 1 time from 6 ( 15%) unless White players is controlling both Narva and Pskov, raising the success percentage to 35 %. whatever the success or failure of this option, cost will be paid. The option will be checked only on the turn of its activation, and can’t be replayed even if unsuccessful.

Design notes: playing the option is for Southern Whites a must have, but chances are slim, except if Whites are doing reasonably well in Northern Russia. Red player has another incentive to fight for Blat Republics, as the Finnish forces are important and good in quality, creating a real menace on Petrograd.

The option will not be playable from 1920, as at this time, Finland public opinion was massively against war continuation.

The new version is available from the download box at your left.

  1. Baris says:

    Playing as Sıberian whites there is a crush to desktop in fırst turn as:
    [Error ] FullDebug: Script Engine Error(s), while parsing line 110791 ChgUnitPoolInfos = UNI_WHI_BDE2A;6;50

  2. Baris says:

    Hello Clovis,
    Im enjoying the red campaign(normal settings) very much it is very challenging, Czech legion marched direct to Moscow(4-5 regions near) I was able to slow them by cutting rails to moscow and to Samara. I did it the same in Perm to delay siberian advancing with bigger stacks. Under hard difficulty it was not a succesfull tactic though 🙂 Siberians marched fast.
    I liked about the rule Pocus implemented about destruction of rails. It seems single regular inf or cavalry is not succesfull about tearing railroads I have tested. Can I use this exe in your mod? I bet it will be more difficult to cut rails to slow the enemy especially AI.
    Generally EP is more rare for red side, it is more difficult to build factory or lower intervention value of allies. I think it is balanced in some way.
    Red NM gain with money maybe can be increased more money, and maybe it should be an option 2-3 times a year.
    Excellent mod you created, greetings.

  3. Baris says:

    I hope you continue this mod compatible with the patch. It seems area abilities are corrected and anarchist are playable. In current form Siberian whites have an advantage about fielding bigger armies from many loyal areas by requisiton. The AI seems to concentrate on Southern whites mostly.

  4. Baris says:

    I heard rumours from Athens in Ageod Forum that that you will return to the battle field 🙂 . Glad to hear. Rus is a marvelous game. I look forward to your next version of the mod.

    • Clovis says:

      Hi, Baris. You have forgotten I’m now Athens on AGEOD forum ;-). So the rumour is true, and next fatal years version will come in the next days.



  5. Baris says:

    Hello Clovis,
    Indeed. Romours were not spread by the messenger, directly from Clovis from the beginning. No I have not forgotten ” Nick Drake”. But my favaorite is as always Tango tunes and instruments . 🙂
    Anyway. I think mod as a whole was already nearly complete before.But playing anarchists and poland could necessitate a tweak in the mod.This game has great potential and atmosphere and Im glad you continue. And I wonder your ideas about gueralla warfare. Thanks.



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