New Regional Decision system is coming in Fatal Years

Posted: January 20, 2011 in Rus Mod

After having read a lot on the forum, I am going to integrate a new system for the white and red Regional Decisions.

For the White, the present system is incomplete and illogical. Indeed, you can press the peasants simultaneously and can promise them an agrarian reform that makes them more faithful. I am willing that the peasant is naive and that it works a few months, but it seems to me that soon your promises won’t be more believable. However, in the game, they remain similar in their effects all along the game.

New system: at start, the White don’t have any Decisions Regional Agrarian Reforms. They have to their disposition 4 requisitions and 4 conscriptions. They can buy by option 2 agrarian Reforms by two times, either 4 to the total, for a cost of 3 NM and 20 EP every time between June 18 and March 19, 5 NM and 30 EP between April 19 and December 19, 7 NM and 45 EP from January 1920. This increasing cost represents the disastrous effect of your first requisitions on the credibility of your promises, and in second place avoids the exploitation of the game system while requisitioning the first months a lot before pacifying the population.

These agrarian Reforms are more powerful than the present ones and will raise  the loyalty more quickly. But in counterpart, Whites will lose the requisitions and conscriptions, that will pass to 3 maximum every time, then 2. The choice is irreversible for the white player who should bet on the future and hope that the allied help will continue.

For the Communists, a option to win the peasants’ hearts and minds will also be open.

The Communists start in 6 Requisitions, 6 conscriptions and 6 Tchekas. If they choose the new Decision “NEP”, (bad title but I look for a better of it) then they will benefit from a new Regional Decision that will have the same effects and the same cost that Agrarian (and therefore more powerful than Tcheka) Reforms.  Besides the number of subversion will be increased until 10. On the other hand, the maximal number of requisitions and conscriptions will lower 2 every time and the Tcheka decisions won’t be more usable. The cost of this option will be the same that for the White (the decrease of NM being the result of  the decrease of the spirit among   the militants of the Party).

  1. Clovis says:

    The next verion will have indeed Fort at 6 and 8.

    The Red Ural Army has been included. The Siberian AI is doing well against Red AI, and I ‘m going to study the White side.

    About Balts, I’ve introduced the German Freikorps as an independant faction, which will be following her own aganda, against Red and Whites. I’m currently testing this before release of the new version, as a new faction is a big chnage and Idon’t want to publish a CTD prone version.

    • Baris says:

      Excellent great ideas.
      I started practicing as reds and by my situation I can understand AI’s struggle when controlling Reds . My NM is 65 🙂 and Im in dangerous situation where I can lose my most important and strongest army and nearly lose the game in 1920.
      I really wonder who will dare to declare war on Fınland,Balts and Transcacacus 🙂 as Reds while whites attacking both sides. I fully agree that Baltics need some kind of seperate groups supporting opposite side in the struggle, That can balance the game. And the Regional policies, excellent.
      Im looking forward to it. Thanks.

  2. Clovis says:

    REd NM: Tcheka will not cost anymore N. They will not be very efficient to raise loyalty butReds will not lose NM by using it ( Nep and White Land Reforms are potent weapons for Loyalty but cost NM…)

    Finland and Transcaucasus: Red aren’t forced to declare war. As in RL, the choice is open for a player whose game goes well.

    Balt, on the contrary, cost NM for not declaring war. And there will be a tricky bonus: if German Freikorps is controlling both Kaunas and Riga, Southern Whites will lose some VPs each turn…So White player will be forced to fight against Freikorps, certainly by using some Wstern Alles units, but by doing so, it wil destroy the Freikorps which are during some months the real force able tostand against Red, as the Balt armies need first to receive reinforcements by events…

  3. Clovis says:

    Don’t rejoice too soon: first the cost for units in WSU is higher; then Katchankas can’t be anymore used to build fortifications.

    Propagandists? AI wouldn’t know how to use them.

    Events for new generals work fine ( I’ve fixed them myself in the official game). But messages are indeed confusing and the lacunary manual doesn’t mention the more you use this option, the less you get a chance to recruit a new General.

    For the rest, the Lwow problem has been fixed in Fatal Years a few days ago.

    • Baris says:

      When get new leader option chosen(got new leaders evertime I choose the option) Red generals appear by saying X-general waiting command. But Siberian white can not receive generals(tried many times)
      I m waiting your mod eagerly to see the balance of regional policies and factions alliances.
      WSU is abundant in game so it is a very good move to balance the cost of units by increasing need for wsu in construction and Katchankas not to build fortifications.
      Green units or other units can not maintain MC in region rapidly when low in number and it can take 3 turns for them to cut supplies or cancel Regional policies in an area they occupy, I think it is wad?
      Anyway I m waiting for your new mod. Thanks.

  4. Clovis says:

    NM: yes. The official version is just plain wrong on that. Try a game with Whites in the official version. Either it will be unbalanced, or the Regional Decisions will be no brainer and the game will become a “Oh my god let’s not forget to use all policies this turn…”

    I’ve done some comments on that in the rtf file enclosed in the archive.

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