Regional Policies in Fatal Years

Posted: January 17, 2011 in Uncategorized

Since the 1.02 official patch Regional Policies (RGD) are rather different in Fatal Years.


There are some common points however: first they last 4 turns. Then they produce the same type of effects, but varying in strength and sometimes type. Look at the messages in the game about RGD to get the exact costs .

Some elements of design notes about to better understand why the rules aren’t the same than in the 1.02 version.

Whatever the Faction you choose, you have to remember you’re unpopular among Russia inhabitants. You may be less hatred than other factions, but only a minority actively support you. And that’s is even more pronounced among peasants, who are just 80% of the whole population. The only popular movement among peasantry ? The Green. You ‘re just a menace against peasant’s property, and in the end, peasants will either choose to revolt ( green revolts) or rally to the less menacing side.

But you must find the resources and men to wage this war. In any case, conscription is the only way to get new units. These peasant conscripts aren’t enthusiastic to say the least to go to war for you. And requisitions had the same effects on factions popularity.

So, to get an historical flavour, requisitions and conscriptions must lead to revolts and loss of NM. It’s up to you to choose how much RGD you’re ready to order. The maximum number available represents first a possibility if you need many men or resources in a crisis situation; this number is too what most WHITES and RED leaders did, leading to the Tambov revolt…

But each sides could , and sometimes, performed differently: Wrangle at the end tried to be clever at this, and periodically, Reds were forced to moderate their economical and conscription policies, by tolerating bagmen and may forms of illegal business ( including prostitution) or by spacing conscriptions in some areas on the verge of revolts.

So, In Fatal Years, using all RGD is poor ( and the AI will not), excepted if needed; using all RGD will create several huge Green revolts and will lower considerably your National Moral. You have to estimate what it is possible to gather from a hostile population. Or you may try to collect as much as possible to build quickly a large army allowing you a quick victory…maybe…

These rules are making the game more difficult. First, because using RGD isn’t anymore the no-brainer it should be in the 1.02 patch. Secondly, because the AI will use the balanced approach about RGD described above. The AI should be able to gather the needed men and resources without risking too much green revolts.

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