Fatal Years and incoming official patch

Posted: January 9, 2011 in Uncategorized

First, I’ve ceased any official work for SEPRUS ( the company behind Revolution under siege) since the 23rd December 2010. So thr will not be one of the new features of the mod in the official version after the current ( 1.01b). I will insist, as I’ve worked on the AI for the official release of RUS, about the fact after the 1.01b patch, any change to the AI ( if any, I don’t know) will be the result of SEPRUS work, not mine. The AI improvements in my mod will not be retrofitted to the official version.

Then, Fatal Years will eventually take into account the incoming patch. That’s not to say it will integrate all the new changes, but only those whose I will esteem good for the game. What I dislike will be discarded.

In any case, the  new RUS. exe itself ( ie the program, not the data files) will be compatible with the mod and so will eventually be playable with the mod.

I hope SEPRUS will improve AI as I’ve done. I left them with the needed explanations to do so.

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