Fatal Years mod fixes

Posted: January 6, 2011 in Rus Mod


I’ve uploaded a new version of the Fatal Years mod containing several fixes to bugs signaled by Baris. This new version is compatible with ongoing game. It can be downloaded from the Download  Box at your left.
A big thanks for Baris as usual 🙂 Baris should quickly retreat from the Petrograd area however….

  1. Baris says:

    My thanks Clovis, Im glad with AI, at first I thought forces of Red were “pala pala” 🙂
    So I moved forces to Petrograd. But after a time I saw they are closing in with big army.
    You are kind that you dint tell my fortune but I get the hint to move way 🙂

    • Clovis says:

      the key is to use Yudenitch in the right time. Players are generally eager to capture Petrograd as soon as possible, but it will not work in FY because the Red AI is able to concentrate here. As in reality, the best chance is to force the Reds to disperse betweenseveral FRonts, or to use Petrograd as a lure whereas Southern Whites are about to launch an offensive along one of the axe leading to Moscow…You havecertainly missed the spot for not waiting 2 more months 😉

      • Baris says:

        I m not confortable playing as Southern whites(still learning). Im more confortable in steppes of Volga 🙂 as playing Siberian cossacks. But I will listen what you say next time.

        On the turn Red AI declare war on Baltic states they lost 1 NM and I gained 1 for not recognizing their independence. But before that turn SW had 140NM against 67. This turn it is 122 against 78. Dıdnt lose NM from battles. there is no inf in message log.

      • Clovis says:

        That’s a side effect of the fix about Skyrocketting effects on White NM from German withdrawal: the events I’ve inserted have fired in your game as they are new and will necessary fire on the first turn of any ongoing game. You have yet 122. Considering your real success such a level seems rather right in historical sense for me. I’m myself at the end of 1918 with Southern Whites around 110 against 90 for Reds….But I haven’t said my last words as I’m taking offensive in Ukraine.

        It’s interesting RED AI to have declared war on Balts. That’s what I would have done, considering the size of the Red Army in the Petrograd area. It could lead to exciting developments…

  2. Franciscus says:

    Hi, Clovis

    What is the status of RUS vs your mod ? :
    – Are your changes ever going to be implemented in official RUS (you are part of the dev team, are you not ?).
    – And, do you intend to make further non-mod improvements on RUS scenarios AI (specifically Drang), or only in your mod ?

    Thanks for your hard work

    Best regards

    • Clovis says:

      1) no and no. I was a volunteer; I’m not anymore. Now, AGEOD has the necessary tools to improve the AI as I’ve done. It’s up to them for the official version. I’m keeping for my own with my mod and its 3 or 4 players :-). But even if I’m doing that essentially for me, it would be unfair to not publish that somewhere on the net,if some are interested. The day it will not interest someone, I will not upload my mod anymore 🙂

      2) Drang: I’ve begun some works about. When I promised to deliver it soon, I wasn’t expecting I would find myself almost alone right after RUS release to fix all the errors in events scripting, some mine, most done by others….It took much of my time and has forced me to postpone this work. When 2 weeks ago, I’ve switched back to modding work, I’ve decided first to achieve to fix the AI in historical scenarios ( and create some events of my own too 😉 ) because it was the quickest task to finish and most of this work can be ported to Drang with only small change. BUT, today, I’ve too SVF to develop, so Drang will have ot wait until Fevruary or March 2011. It’s a really exciting and well crafted scenario, made by a real game designer I would work more , but time isn’t the most easy to find thing in this world….

      • Franciscus says:

        I understand Clovis.

        Your work is appreciated, it’s really a pity your collaboration with Ageod is not made “official”.

        Looking forward to SVF 2.0, AACW continues to be my favorite all-time game.

        Best regards and best of luck

      • Clovis says:

        Don’t worry, I’m happy here. And I’m going to win my current fight against WordPress features 🙂

  3. Baris says:

    Thanks for your work again.
    Yes Southern whites didnt really win so much major battle and conquer few strategic city it was also high for me as 140’s. I was worried about that AI may underperform because of low NM. It s great then. if Reds have big force, better to be cautious then 😉
    What I hope most is Anarchist faction get some movement and at least delay some movements of Cossacks through Ukraine.

    • Clovis says:

      Oops, I forgot the new ANA AI tweak will fire only in a new game. Just download the ANAAI archive in the box and place the content in the RUS/Events folder to get immediate use of the tweak…

  4. Baris says:

    Thanks Clovis.

    • Baris says:

      Late 1919 April, I have left with a 5000 men in region Petrograd 🙂 so I m glad no trouble from Anarchists, it would make the things more complicated. I think ı should start a new game to see their moves. Still sieging tzaritzin for 15 turns I guess 🙂 I hope it will fall. When I press “r” button now I can cycle through Siberian forces also. Sıberian AI get the city of kazan but unfortunately his main armies sitting in the far east theatre.
      In the south I managed to capture most of the Ukranian and some red cities.
      Red AI is concentrated around Petrograd and Tzaritzin(under siege by me) with big force. If the Siberian gets his troops from far east they can get closer to Moscow.
      Osset division time to time appear in Vladikavkaz I think it is intended.
      I recognize independences, there is an option for alliance with Ukraine but can not click.

  5. Baris says:

    Some script errors such as:

    Line 117792: => ChgUnitPoolInfos, need to have exactly 3 parameters: Alias of UnitDef, variation of Force Pool, AI Pool Ratios

    Line 101846: => CheckMaxDate command, Erroneous format for date, need yyyy.mm.dd or dd/mm/yyyy (ıt appears every turn)

    I didnt finish the game Im sending you the save file in case you would like to look.
    It is april 1920. Im advancing to Moscow. I m very enjoying the game especially Red AI defending Petrograd well .She defeat both my Fınısh and some Baltic armies in Petrograd.
    in Krosnoyarsk Sb white army sitting and didnt move.

    • Clovis says:

      I will have to look about Siberian AI next week ;-). I will fix the bugs too. Thanks for the repport. Glad to see a RED AI defending well in 1920, Bolshevik AThena is a worthy opponent and should fare better in the next with the fixes I’ve done about NM.

    • Clovis says:

      After examinaton of your save:

      -Siberian AI has to face several green uprisings in its rear, so it behves noramlly by remaining on defense. Green uprisings in 1920 are normal and intended. Red AI is faring better from this point, thanks to the greater number of eligible regions for requisition or conscription

      – REd AI is concentrating too much on Petrograd and too few on Ukraine.

      – I’m more and more convinced the REcognize independance options for Whites has to be reworked: in its current state, only a player with high nM will take it, which is just insane both hisptorically and for gamplay, as high nM signifies very good results, and I’m doubtful a White leader winning the war will have given independance to minorities. In gameplay, the option gives a high reinforcment to a white player currently winning the game…. Some other penality must be added to the option which will transform it either in a last ditch measure, when all is almost lost, or as a bet on te future with varied results.

      • Baris says:

        Yes I agree all of them. When I was defeated heavily in petrograd(not played well till) I chose recognize independences.After that Baltic armies were free to enter inner Russia.I think even with moderate NM, that option is very powerfull for whites. or at least as playing against AI. But you mentioned AI concentrate Petrograd too much. What I wonder is that, the red AI will attack Finns or protect the inner land near Moscow. I will play and see.
        there should some residance in Ukraine and macho to prevent whites advancing quickly to Cetral Russia. I will start the game again after I finish this one. Foreign intervention(after using option)lasts long. it is 1920 mid and generally it was between 6-8. But They send supply wagons mostly. I think the game needs some balance about requisiton rules stated in the forum.
        I must say you did a well job as volunteer Clovis, because AI is really giving a challange and doing the best in current situations.

  6. Clovis says:

    I’mnot convinced about requisition stuff on the board. most players are thinking effects to be too strong because they use all Regional Decisions, when this maximum should be only used in emergency situation. One solution would be to lower the maximum allowed, but at the loss of current flexibility…By allowing Whites to recuit more, the balance would be definitively altered ( and I fear it will be the case in the next official patch). That remeber me the Paradox choice in EU to allow full annexation of a nation, whose side effects are yet present, 6 years after, and not resoved in spite of numerous rules, adding to unhistorical flavour…As I’m doing this as mod, I will listeing to but I feel as lons as I will remain unconvinced, I will keep the system as is…

  7. Baris says:

    I think I read that maybe MC control of 2/3 can be implemented for requisiton. Or maybe as all green units can have %25 supply reduction more dangerous. You know better ofcourse about the balance. Yes I totally agree about the historical realism, White factions should not get stronger as the war meant to be won By reds historically.

    Im continuing the game and siberian whites have big amount of peasants uprising(small but many detachments), now another big one started in Tambov. Uh, that is big rebellion and historical one that Im in control in Tambov 🙂
    Most of other siberian whites armies just dealing with peasants in fareast, Kazan is the main battle ground for siberian and reds for 1 year maybe.
    I get the city Novgorod and the red armies closing to intecept from Petrograd.But another big army staying there if Fınns attack.
    I chose recognize independences before and my NM was somewhere between 45-50 Reds wer 67. Now I have 93 they have 37 after getting cities with Baltic army.

  8. Clovis says:

    The MC as far I know isn’t coded in the Regional Policy process and I don’t see any means to implement that with event scripting.

    Supply reduction for Green units is a VERY interesting idea and can be done easily (for the next patch)

    There are some scripted Green revolts like Tambov. It’s not a priority for now, but I’m rather skeptical about determined scripted events.

    The future system for Recgnize Independance option should be better. basically, the option will cost only 20 NM initially BUT each 3 months, Southern White faction will lose 10 NM until Southern White NM reaches again 115NM… So the option becomes a bet on the future. Moreover, a Southern White with less than 75 NM will have the possibility to choose Independance option with only -5 NM each 3 months mechanism ( but that will say going under 55 NM at first). So when all is lost, the otion will be playable at a risk. And above 75, White player will have to think twice before using it: 40 NM loss by year is huge and has to be compensated with victories. That teflects both the trouble in White opinion and salvation from victories for the White plater popularity. And in gameplay, it should be tremendous…

    • Baris says:

      I was able to beat the game at turn 56, Red NM was 0, NM is very important in RUS then other agoed games I think., I didnt take Petrograd but it was a victory.
      I look further for your work great ideas you have, especially NM is very important in this game. Thanks

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