New version Of Fatal Years mod

Posted: January 4, 2011 in Rus Mod

New version of the Fatal Years mod available in the box on your left

What’s new?

Improved Red, Siberian and Polish AI
Fixed a major bug for Anarchist faction, reducing the ANA AI to…nothing.
Fixed bugs in new events

New  rules

1)      An Allied Intervention level exists henceforth, stepped up of 0 to 10.A level 8 or superior to get the help of the foreign troops, a level 3 or superior to get from Western Powers of money is necessary and resources.
The level of departure is 10 and will vary according to random events, that represent the consequences of the hesitations allied between to fight Communism and to put an end to the war. Every player can also buy by option an influence on the level.
2)      Out of the coastal areas, the French and Greek troops risk to be immobilized  more often during a turn. This rule doesn’t apply to the artificial intelligence. This rule represents the risk due to the low state of mind to get involved more in the civil war.
3)      The armored trains have henceforth the capacity to repair the railroad tracks automatically. This rule of the official game didn’t function because of a bug
5)      The entry of the Polish in the war can occurred henceforth in 1919. The Communists can attack Poland since 1919, but the cost is raised of it.
6)      Some spying events have been introduced: every faction can get a spy who will give some indications on the enemy in his/her/its zone.
7)      Every white faction will be able to receive some messages on successes and reverses of the other white faction: level of National Moral , important victories or defeats, and sometimes, possibility to see in detail the position of their units (fascinating thing the official game has built-in messages about enemy decisions, and nothing about your “allied one”….)
8)      Various improvements of have it, that builds units better, defends Tzaritsyn better, etc. The anarchist faction had major bugs, probably present in the official version, that are now fixed
9)      The Decision is regional Reforms and Tcheka are a little more  expensive.
10) New diplomatic option for Red faction : Bosheviks may now conclude peace with Baltic States.
How it works?
First you must be at war with Baltic States since 10 turns at least( this rule is destined to avoid any cheating by declaring war then immediatly peace).
Then Reds can’t conclude peace if they control the major cities of the Baltic States…

These cities will be marked with a red cross in a triangle icon.

Why? The AGE system doesn’t allow negociations and compromises, so only 2 situations can be figured: major victory or major defeat. If Reds are winning, so they may govern the Balts areas ( requisitions, conscriptions), so there’s no need to create a peace event representing such a situation. On the contrary, total defeat may be an incentive for Reds to sign peace…

How it works? When peace is signed, all Baltic States revert back to unplayable regions. Any unit on these territories will be removed permanently of the game ( so be cautious; White AI shouldn’t send much troops here, and if some elements are trapped, let’s say Balts are ending any help to Whites in exchange of peace).

Reds will lose some National Morale, many VP too.

  1. Alikchi says:

    Hi Clovis,

    I can’t seem to upload into the box. I will post here what I think were the critical parts of my error log however:

    8:25:59 PM (Reporting) Starting Game …
    8:25:59 PM (Reporting) Global Load Time: 45718 ms
    8:25:59 PM (Reporting) TMain, CreateForm OK
    8:25:59 PM (Reporting) Application.Run Starting app…
    8:25:59 PM (Reporting) Game Engine version: RUS 1.01b
    8:25:59 PM [Critical ] UAgeZip.ExtractFromZip None or more than one extracted file
    8:25:59 PM (Reporting) TGameSim.OnLoadGame_FilePicked C:\Program Files (x86)\RUS Mod\RUS\Saves\Grand Campaign0\Grand Campaign~RED.tmp :Turn file loaded, # of entries: 152705
    8:25:59 PM (Reporting) All gamesim data loaded in: 3178 ms
    8:25:59 PM [Critical ] UAgeZip.ExtractFromZip None or more than one extracted file

    Thank you in advance.

  2. Clovis says:

    Sorry, but this is tied with the AGE compress feature you have certainly checked in the option. For some reason it seems it doesn’t work well with your game, but this is not tied to my mod and Ican’t do nothing for that.Maybe the file is corrupted or the compress turn feature works only under the official game path… I never use myself the built in compression feature, I prefer definitly Winrar .

  3. baris says:

    Hi Clovis,
    It seems as playing with Southern whites I can see all the Siberian forces. I can not move them but I can change their posture.

    • Clovis says:

      yes, that’s the new mutual White factions info feature ;-). I’ve toned down a bit the coop level in the last version, to avoid any change by the player on units belonging to the other faction….for now 😉 Maybe in the next weeks we could have an event unifying White Factions during game….

      • baris says:

        Excellent ,
        It looks like an interactive movie, where you can watch the AI moves and battles with each other. Messages as Minor victory or NM of SB whites. There are many battles between them already.

  4. baris says:

    Ah sorry 🙂
    It was intended I read the notes now.

  5. baris says:

    Playing as Sb whites at start of the game, I turn off show AI moves, and after a while I turned on again not to miss new feature. But it gives script error such as:also Do I need to start game again for showing AI moves.

    Line 103921: Southern Whites White Spy created in region Snejnoie
    Line 103923: => SetType command Unknown identifier (check if Alias is OK): UNI_WH1_SPY This kind of object {Unit} must have his identifier specified as a numeric
    Line 103926: => ApplyCreateUnit command, Unit creation aborted, invalid UnitDef type (check if the alias was correct).
    Line 103928: Finished processing event: evt_nam_WHIspy

  6. baris says:

    Sometimes Sorokin forces located in DON region can be in passive posture and can be catch by Denikin that they can take more casualites. I came across this for few games.

  7. baris says:

    Late 1919 April playing as Southern whites ‘allied intervention” level was 9 in once but all the time it is 10. I didnt use political option to get support. I once used 40 ep cost further intervention options fot Greek and FR froces. They are now movig inside Ukraine. East part of the Ukraine Im advancing with Don cossacks. Macho are didnt move at all. He didnt try to get Ukraine territories also. SB whites have some army under command of Kolchak. They are stationed on the far east. IN volga there is Orenberg army he didnt get Kazan yet. There is big peasant uprising in stavropol-volga. Yudenivh and Miller advancing and sieging Petrograd.
    Tsaryatisn is under siege by Denikin. I think Reds doing everythink to stop me here.
    Southern White have 142 NM and Communist have 76

  8. Clovis says:

    1) Level intervention should devrease after mid-19/ I biult events to avoid high probability of unhistorical quick Allied removal .

    2) Makhno at last is present ( bug in the officila game…) I ‘ve maybe put a lttle too high the value of Huliapole for ANA AI.

    I’ve found why Red AI is lowering and White is rocketing: when in november 1/8 Grerman retires, Reds are losing NM from the creation of Balt states and independant Ukraine and Whites are earning much form the creation of these independant states: tha’s just silly. The tonight patch will have a fix for that too. expect Red to lose only a few NM and Whites gaining only a few( representing a better assesmment of this situation).

    Siberian AI is really versatile: sometimes it will be a little shy because of the really harsh strategical situation, with Partisans and Greens on the rear and Reds in the Volag /Urals. AI is slower than human to change strategic repartition of forces…

    • baris says:

      Bug was present in official game that recruit prisioners worked once but it dint after second try. I have 8200 red prisioners.
      Im sieging Petrograd for many turns and the red AI decided to build factory there. If city is lost they will lose many money and warsupply.
      I had a message about units immobilised in Nurmansk but thet are not.
      I had a message about units paralyed in Perekop but there is no unit there. French and Greek forces is under the command of 3-star Sodorin are moving.

      • baris says:

        I see now a divison in the miller army get locked in Petrograd 🙂 Message log was showing somewhere else.

      • Clovis says:

        could you upload a save in the box? before the patch tonight.

        When I will have more clue, I will try to refine AI economical options for avoiding such a misfortune for Athena, but that’s hard.

  9. baris says:

    I advance the turn, there is a backup, Siberians are sieging Kazan, Petrograd is defebdeb well I must say.

    • Clovis says:

      Red AI is doing the good choices, by protectiing both Petrograd and Tzaritsyn. I will look further from the Siberian AI behaviour, this interest for Krasnoyarsk being rather unexpected.

      for the rest, there’s certainly one event randomly immobilizing some British units in the official game…I will look for.

      I think you will have some difficulties to take Petrograd 😉

    • Clovis says:

      Baris, I checked at the files and processed a little further in your game. So first, events aboutWhite allinaces are working as intened, as you have first to choose the option Recognize independances (like in the official version).

      Ssecond, Siberian AI is committing back its forces to Ural inthe next turns. So certainly, something has attracted AI back to Krasnoyarsk in the former turns ( green revolt or Red Partisans, I ccan’t say. Siberian AI is rightly now focusing on reducing Green rebellion on the Volga bend….

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