RUS AI Mod v4

Posted: December 23, 2010 in Rus Mod

Yes, the  rythm of updates of this mod is somehow frantic 😉

Let me  explain why: since one month, I’ve been forced to leave AI field to fix, whith the help of 2  friends, a lot of errors in other events of RUS, especially the industrial options ones; It’s really difficult to fix events written by others, as you need time to undersatnd how they work and, when they’re flawed, where to apply the needed correction. Corrections, in this case.

In the same time, I knew AI needed still fixing. If you want a better AI, just describe your game, the best being an AAR. A modder like me , or a designer, isn’t by nature the best player :-). I would class myself in the avearge as player. So there are so many things I never envisioned when scripting AI behaviours I canjust learn there are possible by reading yur messages, then undertake the AI improvments suggested by your success 🙂

I’ve seen some of these messages the last months and I couln’t spare the time for improving AI….Frustrating…

So today,this time being over, I’ve at last begun this update.

The archive is located here:

This archive is comprehensive with all former version of the mod, compatable with current games.

Unrar the contents of the archive in the RUS/Events directory.

  1. Baris says:

    Hi Clovis,
    it looks excellent. I started a game under rus mod 2 and continue with 4. Playing as Siberian white, Reds are better in naval battle and protecting rivers. As strategically protecting or blocking rivers are very important especially in east or central map. Though I need to play also as southern white. As currently with armored trains I color the map with white:) (central part around kazan and the east) As it is very important to have control the railroads logistically, I thought that apart from production choices of AI, it will be better them to build or use armoured trains more frequently so AI can move her troops quickly and less prone to out of supply. It would be better if there would be armored train battles.

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